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Chepelare - Procotsani - Interreg Greece-Bulgaria

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Cheleveshtnitsa Cave

Located in Pavelsko
Cheleveshtnitsa Cave is located on the land of the village of Pavelsko. In 1966, it was visited by the Sixth International Expedition with the participation of Russian specialists Igor Efremovich and Viktor Dublianski. The expedition notes that this document was created within the framework of the project: "An Integrated Approach for the Development of Cultural and Natural Sites in Chepelare, Bulgaria and Trans-Greece, Greece" (INTEGRA_TOUR), which is implemented with the financial support of the INTERREG VA Cooperation Program " Greece-Bulgaria, 2014-2020, according to Contract No B2.6c.01 / 31.08.2017. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the national funds of the countries participating in the Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 Interreg V-A Cooperation Program. The responsibility for the contents of the document lies with the Municipality of Chepelare and under no circumstances can this document be considered to reflect the official position of the European Union and the Governing Body 20 opens a vertical tunnel (shaft) with a length of 33 meters, which reaches the underground size room - 85 meters long and 40 meters wide. Immediately after the cone of soil and stones, huge, up to 1 meter high and up to 50 cm thick, sinter barriers begin under the cave opening. Some of its sparkling etheric walls are dry and covered with tiny pearls like millet, and another with crystalline water. Experts believe that once there was a lake with a depth of 12 meters, which dries. Some of the cave formations are like a cave forest, and above the dried up lake there is a beautiful colonnade. The vault of the cave, with its numerous exquisitely white stalactites hanging from it, rests on stalactones that resemble quaint snow props. Water drops are constantly ripping from her ceiling and flying with shemeta to the cave floor. In the middle of the hall, amidst a huge pan, carved by falling drops, lies the most beautiful and majestic cave pearl ever found in Bulgarian caves, perceived as a wonder of nature and a pearl of pearls. In 1966, Peter Tranteev defined him as the "king" of the cave pearls. The name of the cave is supposed to be derived from the presence of human bones in it. There is a widespread legend among the local population that a cruel Turk was thrown at Chelevishnitsa, and according to another version of the same legend, a local Cherbadzhia. Indeed, in the study of Chepelare caves, a human skeleton was found in the cave
"If my mother had buried me, I should go in the grave, you would, my mother, clamp me with heavy, large stones ..." "And when I saw the built cave and realized that the people inside were dead, I went through the fire again and my head I was spinning like the stems of a forest of smoke were spinning, and the world was winding in front of my eyes, even more as I looked at it through tears, I went to the people of Preval, and then we learned how the Turks found the cave, now called Cheleveshtnitsa. A woman, mad with hunger, went with her two-year-old child to mushroom and the Turks caught her and they would beat her to tell her where the cave was, and she was just crying. Then she stripped her child naked. They touched him with two naked knives. And she did not leave, she just completely lost her mind and called for help. her voices, and they knew him, thought she had met a beast, and went out to help. The Turks saw where the cave was, surrounded it, and called for the people to surrender. And the three wounded shepherds had another handful of gunpowder, and they went inside and killed the first Turk. And the Turks accumulated fir branches and lit them, and the smoke pulled in, but only screams were heard and no one came out. Then the cave was built and people heard the stones banging and crying, and no one came out. And the Turks lit a huge fire in front of the cave, and the insane mother with her two-year-old child threw herself into it, wanting to go inside with the others. And no more screams were heard, for the fire was lifted up to heaven. Whether the Turks were enraged by the flames and set fire to the forest to burn the crosses on the trees, or the fire in front of the cave was being turned from tree to tree, it was not clear, but the Turks had barely escaped from the burning forest. One hundred and fifty innocent people were killed in the Cheleveshtnitsa Cave. "
"Time Separated" - Anton Donchev